Breaking news: All Americans love the sun!

From a letter sent to Bruce Freeman, President Skyward Solar Power, from Michael Rader SEIA.

Given the weather around most of the country (and the East Coast in particular), you may not be surprised to learn that solar energy is still pretty popular among Americans.

Just how popular may surprise you.

For the fourth consecutive year, the annual SCHOTT Solar Barometer survey showed that overwhelming majorities of Americans support greater development of solar energy in the United States. The key results from the poll are below:

•    Nine out of ten respondents (89%) think it is important for the U.S. to develop and use solar power.

•    Solar energy is non-partisan: Independents (90%), Republicans (80%) and Democrats (94%) all agree that developing solar energy is important.

•    Eight out of ten Americans (82%) believe that solar energy should receive the same level and type of support as fossil fuel industries have enjoyed for decades, and that the government should support solar manufacturing.

•    A plurality (39%) would choose to prioritize solar if they were in charge of U.S. energy policy, more than natural gas (21%), wind (12%), nuclear (9%) or coal (3%).

•    More than half of Americans (51%) would be more likely to buy a product if they knew it was made using solar energy.

Let’s be clear: it takes more than some dreary weather and a little early snow to make the sun this popular. These survey results show that Americans believe in the power of solar to provide a meaningful shift towards a clean energy future.

The U.S. is on the fast-track to becoming the largest solar energy market in the world with thousands of new jobs, tremendous potential energy savings for consumers and billions of dollars in new private investment. As you’ve surely seen, there has been plenty of consternation in the 24-hour news cycle about the fate of renewable energy – these results show that Americans aren’t buying it.

Given these numbers – which are consistent with the polls conducted the past three years – you might wonder why you don’t see more pro-solar policies coming out of Washington.

The short answer is: on solar energy issues, the public is way ahead of Washington and we need passionate advocates like you to help us get this message through

here to read the SEIA release on the SCHOTT Solar Barometer
or hereo read the full results (PDF) and help us spread the good solar word!



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