Can the 25 year warranty get better?

What’s happening with solar panel/module warranties? Can they get even better?

There are so many high quality solar modules/panels to choose from today that it’s hard to go wrong in your selection.  The gold standard for warranties is a 25 year power warranty broken out in year 10 and the year 25, or a linear power warranty guaranteeing  power percentages over 25 years.  On top of these power warranties  are workmanship warranties typically for 5 years.  Now we are seeing module/panel manufacturers upping the warranty ante.  As an example, Chinese solar module manufacturer Jinko Solar Holding Company has their Quantum 1 module workmanship warranty listed now for 10 years and the power performance warranty is 90% performance for the first 12 years and 80% performance for the remaining 13 years.  Canadian Solar, REC, and First Solar have all made similar extensions to their warranties.  I expect other solar equipment manufacturers to follow suit.


These long and extended mechanical warranties and power warranties are a clear demonstration of the proven performance of the solar equipment and the manufacturers’ confidence in their robust power producing longevity.  There are few products, and especially those that are electrical, where the purchaser/consumer  is backed so solidly by the maker of the product.  One more reason why solar is a good investment.


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