Businesses Going Solar Helps Local Company Thrive – Video – WXII The Triad

Businesses Going Solar Helps Local Company Thrive – Video – WXII The Triad.


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Why Install Solar Panels On Your Home?

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How Solar PV Works! – Video

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wxii TV 12 – Skyward Solar Installation Featured Today!

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Watch Wed. March 28 – Skyward Solar Installation featured on WXII TV News 12 Mornings with Veronica White

Bruce Freeman
WXII 12 News Mornings will feature Bruce Freeman of Skyward Solar Power Company, LLC Wednesday morning during the news with Veronica White. Feature story was done at the Tencarva Machinery about the Solar Energy System recently commissioned.

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Skyward featured in Triad Business Journal


TriadBusinessJournal-Skyward-Tencarva (1stPage).pdf

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Skyward Installs at Tencarva Machinery in Greensboro 188kWh


March 2nd, 2012


3109 Hillsborough Rd. Durham, NC 27705

Announces 188kWSolar Installation at Tencarva Machinery- Greensboro, NC

A grid tied, roof mounted solar energy system put into service with Duke Energy February 2012 —

Skyward Solar Power Company, LLC of Durham, NC has completed the construction of another commercial grade solar energy system, this time in Greensboro, NC for the Tencarva Machinery Co.

“Installation of a system this size can recover nearly a half-a-million dollars in at-risk tax liability and will generate more than that in new revenue over the next 20 years from the clean electricity it produces. CFOs should be taking a closer look at solar energy systems” – Bruce Freeman (President – Skyward Solar Power Co., LLC)

Increasingly, forward thinking company’s like Tencarva, are turning to solar energy for a number of financial reasons, beyond protection against rising utility rates. Combined current tax credits and accelerated depreciation reduce the solar energy system’s price by more than 81%. Furthermore, the price of solar equipment has dropped significantly over the last few years, increasing the overall investment value and shortening the time for return on investment.

Skyward Solar Power’s installations are durable, reliable and engineered to produce power for decades. They seamlessly integrate power generation with payment from the utility company, without the need for on-site personnel. Duke and Progress Energy are currently offering contracts to purchase the Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) and the Clean Electricity for up to 20 years. This new revenue stream is protected by a 25 year equipment warranty, the true testament to the quality and longevity of today’s solar panels.

Skyward Solar Power installed the 188kW system at Tencarva featuring 784 American made SHARP solar panels. The array was completed in February with no interruption to the company’s day to day operations and required no penetrations into the roof. The entire system was constructed outside of the building leaving the roof unharmed and the employees’ daily routine unaffected. Skyward’s choice of strong brand name components and custom design is building the company’s rock solid reputation for quality, reliability, and long lifespan.

Solar energy systems like the one installed on the Tencarva roof deliver a guaranteed internal rate of return of 11% and the ROI is fast, as short as three to five years. Electricity is silently and cleanly generated every day, putting a large commercial roof to work for that business. In addition to the financial benefits, the marketing value is also significant. Solar demonstrates dramatically to the employees, customers, and community that their business is making a major effort and commitment as an advocate for a healthy environment and good corporate citizenship. Solar energy systems are empowering, and broadly create positive public opinions.

The Skyward Solar Power Company is a full-service solar installation company with a proven track record for quality installations. Skyward is dedicated to delivering a unique financial strategy to its customers, enabling their business to recover its at-risk tax dollars and create a new revenue stream, while generating clean power for a more sustainable planet.


A Skyward Solar Energy System

Tencarva Machinery Company

Greensboro, NC

Commissioned February 2012

188kW system

784 SHARP solar panels

243,000kWh generated per year estimated

Interconnection with Duke Energy

Brian Hill

Skyward Solar Power



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